Once you buy your ticket to Southeast Asia, it’s time to figure out what to pack! While you’ll obviously need to pack your toiletries and passport, some of the most essential items to pack for any trip are your outfits! Just because you’re going on a vacation or backpacking trip doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking cute. Here are 20 super cute outfits for Southeast Asia to help inspire your wardrobe for this trip of a lifetime!

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20 Super Cute Outfits for Southeast Asia

1. White puff sleeve top and burnt orange skirt

When packing outfits for Southeast Asia, the trick is to bring pieces that you can easily pair with other things. Take this cute outfit as an example. While the white puff sleeve top and the burnt orange skirt go together seamlessly, you can also wear the white puff sleeve top with pretty much any bottom, and you can wear the orange skirt with any neutral-colored top!

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2. Loose white mini dress

Pretty much any respectable Southeast Asia packing list will include a loose white mini dress. You can dress this outfit up or down, fitting to the occasion. Plus, it can double as a swimsuit cover-up! A white mini-dress like this is an absolute MUST!

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3. White button-up and beach cover-up knit pants

Two other must-haves in your Southeast Asia trip are a plain white button-up and a beach cover-up of some sort. I highly recommend packing a cute pair of beach cover-up knit pants. They instantly elevate any bikini, and they’re perfect for an outing at a beach club or pool party! The white button-up can also be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. I like to use mine as a beach cover-up as well since I spend 90% of my time in SEA on the beach! Go for linen for a breathable fabric

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4. Printed top and linen skirt

Another unbeatable outfit combination for Southeast Asia: a cute printed top paired with a linen skirt. Like other outfits on this list, both parts of the outfit can be paired with pretty much anything else in your backpack or suitcase to make for an Instagram-ready travel outfit!

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5. Green crop top and linen pants

Linen is the ULTIMATE fabric when it comes to Southeast Asia, as it is both breathable and cute. A pair of linen pants is a non-negotiable, especially since they’ll come in handy when you visit temples. You can wear a pair of linen pants with practically anything, including this cute green crop top, which you can easily cover with a sarong if needed.

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6. White mini puff sleeve top and printed skirt

Looking for a bit of color? I’ve got you covered! A white puff-sleeve top is the perfect base if you want to add a bit of color to your outfit. A printed skirt may not be the most versatile outfit you can pack, but it is a great statement piece to pack in your backpack or suitcase, perfect for those SEA photoshoots!

Hot tip: If you don’t have space to pack this skirt, you can easily buy a flowy printed skirt at any market in SEA!

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7. Floral printed summer dress

You’re going to want to pack a couple of dresses in your backpack or suitcase for SEA as well. After all, a dress is a complete outfit on its own, so it’s super easy to put on and look immediately put together for a day or night out.

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8. Straw hat, white crop top, and wide-leg linen pants

This outfit is a perfect combination of pieces of outfits already listed. This is a great example of how you can mix and match outfit pieces you already have packed to create a whole new outfit perfect for your Southeast trip! And if you want to really look like you’re on vacation, top it all off with a cute straw hat to protect your face from the blazing Southeast Asian sun.

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9. Bandana top and white pants

Whether you use an actual satin or silk scarf to make your own bandana top or buy a top that looks like a bandana, you can wear a bandana top with any bottom for a perfect outfit for Southeast Asia. These white pants are a nice addition to your SEA packing list, as they can also be super versatile!

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10. Knitted cutout maxi dress

Another dress idea you should consider packing for your Southeast Asia trip is this super cute knitted cutout maxi dress. You can wear this during the day at a beach club, or you can accessorize and wear it at night for a date – up to you!

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11. Boho maxi dress

Yet another dress that I personally cannot do without whenever I travel to Southeast Asia is a cute bohemian maxi dress. This is another outfit that you can wear pretty much anywhere. And as a plus, since it’s a maxi dress, all you need is a shawl or sarong to cover your shoulders, and you’re good to go at any temple!

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12. White crochet top and elephant pants

I know I know… but hear me out. Elephant pants might be overdone when it comes to Southeast Asia, but they are popular for a reason! They’re comfortable, flowy, and super breathable. Plus, they’re cute when paired with the right top – like this white crochet top!

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13. White tiered maxi skirt

A MUST-HAVE outfit item for Southeast Asia is, of course, a white tiered maxi skirt. This skirt is cute, versatile, and easy to wear. This skirt is a classic backpacker outfit staple for a reason!

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14. Printed sarong skirt

You simply cannot travel SEA without a sarong. You should be able to find a sarong at any market throughout the continent, but if you’d rather pack one beforehand, this cute printed sarong skirt is a great option.

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15. Black flowy mini dress

You should always pack staples whenever you travel. A little black dress is one you shouldn’t forget to pack! You can wear it in pretty much any situation.

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16. White tube top and green mini skirt

Another staple you should pack for your Southeast Asia trip is a white tube top. This top can go with any bottom of your choosing. But if you’re looking to add a little bit of color, I recommend wearing a colorful mini skirt to go along with it as one of your holiday outfits!

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17. Pink bohemian skirt

When traveling Southeast Asia, you have to have your pick of boho skirts to choose from. To brighten up your wardrobe a little bit, I highly recommend wearing something like this super cute pink bohemian skirt, which you can pair with pretty much any top of your choosing!

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18. Linen shirt and shorts

If you’d rather get your tan on during the day instead of covering up, this linen set is for you. You can wear them together or separately. The top, in particular, is a great addition as you can easily throw this on top of any outfit in order to cover your shoulders to enter temples.

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19. Green linen shirt and shorts

Can’t get enough of linen? Me neither! If you want to opt for a bit of color, I am IN LOVE with this green linen shirt and shorts outfit. Again, you can wear each piece separately or together. We love versatility when packing for travel!

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20. Oversized t-shirt

While this outfit may not be as cute as the others on this list, an oversized t-shirt is a MUST! Sometimes, you simply don’t feel the need to dress to the 9s, and this t-shirt is easy to slip on and off, making it the perfect beach coverup at a beach destination. And even better: an oversized t-shirt makes for the perfect pajamas!

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Dress Cute for Your Southeast Trip

It doesn’t matter if you’re restricted to a single suitcase or backpack. By packing the right outfits, you can ensure you have a cute outfit to wear for any occasion during your Southeast Asia trip!

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