Here’s the thing. There are sooooo many ways to plan your travel, but we’re honestly huge fans of writing down travel plan on a free printable travel planner. While this may sound old-fashioned, we just love the look of shuffling papers around to really make the perfect itinerary for us while we trot around the globe.

If you’re like us, and you’re looking for something to help plan your trips… Well, we’ve got you covered! Below, you can download our free printable travel planner! Simply pop in your email address, and you should receive the planner in your inbox in a matter of seconds. Easy as that.

What Is Included in the Travel Planner?

free travel planner

There are 10 pages of the TNA free travel planner, but you can easily add more pages if you want. The standard travel planner comes with 5 days’ worth of travel planning, but if you need to, you can simply print more of the final page. You can even plan 100 days of travel if needed!

The first page is the front page of the travel planner. When you print the free travel planner, simply put the front page at the front before you bind it together – either with staples or a folder of some sort!

free travel planner

On the second page of the free printable travel planner, you write a bucket list of all the places you want to visit, foods you want to eat, and the souvenirs you want to buy. During your trip, you can slowly tick off these items one by one!

free travel planner

Page three allows you to write down your destinations for your trip, as well as the date range you’ll be in each place. On this page, you’ll also write currency exchange rates you need to keep an eye on during your trip.

printable travel planner

Page four includes all transportation and accommodation sorted prior to the trip. This is the place to put down all your pre-booked information so you don’t get confused as you jump from location to location.

Then, of course, page five is a travel packing checklist. An absolute must for any travel planner! If you’re not sure what to pack, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate digital nomad packing list.

free printable travel planner

The rest of the pages consist of a daily travel planner. Here, you’ll jot down the day’s date, destination, budget, accommodation, and transportation. And finally, you’ll break everything down by time, activity, and location for the day.

Plan Your Travel!

With the help of this free printable travel planner, you will not be stressed during your time away. Instead, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting up to every minute of every day! Plus, since it’s printable, you can easily scribble along other thoughts and ideas you have instead of sticking to a single plan. After all, it’s important to be flexible with your travels, as you never know what may happen!

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