Amongst the cobblestone streets and colonial charm of Antigua Guatemala, we managed to discover a surprisingly vibrant nightlife. During the days, we spent our time exploring the town, making chocolate, and checking out the stunning ruins, but at night, the town transforms into a place filled with Latin rhythms, beckoning both locals and travelers.

We spent an entire month in Antigua, exploring the endless clubs and bars that this town has to offer. And from the countless locales we’ve visited, we’ve whittled down our 15 favorites. So, without further ado, here are the 15 best bars in Antigua Guatemala.

1. Cafe No Se

best bars in antigua guatemala cafe no se
  • Prices: $$
  • Location: H74C+757, 1a Avenida Sur, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Sunday-Friday from 1PM to 11PM; Saturday from 1PM to 1AM

This was, hands down, our favorite bar in Antigua. Cafe No Se is super unique, with a speakeasy vibe and amazing mezcal. This bar gave birth to the world-famous Illegal Mezcal and was the first mezcal bar to open outside of Mexico. The owner would smuggle unbranded bottles of mezcal from Oaxaca into Antigua to supply the bar. 

The bar is very dark and has an eerie vibe, which we love! Also, you’ll find a shrine to Maximón, a Mayan deity in the bar. Make sure you try Cafe No Se’s branded beer, and of course, you can’t leave without trying some mezcal!

2. El Barrio

  • Prices: $-$$
  • Location: 4 Avenida Norte 3, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 11AM to 1AM

El Barrio is another awesome bar in Antigua. This bar feels more like 3 bars as there are separate areas of the space that serve different drinks and have entirely different atmospheres. 

Bullseye is an American-themed sports bar serving beer and classic cocktails. There is also a shot bar and a Tiki cocktail bar, all connected by a large courtyard. El Barrio gets crowded on weekends and is a great place to dance and enjoy the night!

El Barrio also hosts a weekly pub quiz on Thursdays that you should definitely check out!

3. Antigua Brewing Co.

  • Prices: $
  • Location: 7a Calle Poniente 15, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 11AM to 11PM; Saturday-Sunday 8AM to 11PM

If you like craft beer as much as we do, you simply must check out Antigua Brewing Co. during your trip to Antigua. This is large building with 3 floors and a rooftop terrace with spectacular views. Antigua Brewing Co. produces tons of tasty craft brews, and the bar was one of our favorite spots to unwind at in the city. 

We highly recommend grabbing a spot on the rooftop close to sunset so that you can take in the views while you sip on pints of hoppy deliciousness. 

Antigua Brewing Co. is also one of the best restaurants in Antigua, so if you are looking to fill your tummy, you can chow down on some tacos, burgers, nachos, or other satisfying bar snacks.

4. Ulew Cocktail Bar

  • Prices: $$-$$$
  • Location: 3 Poniente, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 2PM to 12AM

Looking for a unique cocktail bar with a speakeasy feel? We’ve got you covered. Ulew was our favorite cocktail bar in Antigua Guatemala. Interestingly, they did not have a menu. Instead, bartenders ask you what you like, and then they get to work creating a cocktail just for you, based on your favorite flavors, liquors, and smells. But don’t worry if you don’t want to be experimental; the bartenders know how to create your classics as well.

The bartenders here really appreciate each ingredient present in their cocktails, and take care to make sure to make one that you’ll really enjoy.

Entering the bar is super fun in and of itself, too. The bar is located in a phone booth at the Antigua Brewing Company. Just enter the brewery, and you’ll see the phone booth on your left.

5. Charleston Antigua

best bars in antigua guatemala -charleston
  • Prices: $$$
  • Location: 6a Avenida Norte 1, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Sunday-Thursday 4PM to 11PM; Friday-Saturday 4PM to 12AM

Another one of our favorite cocktail bars in Antigua Guatemala was Charleston. This is another cocktail bar with a distinct speakeasy feel that transports you back in time to the roaring 20s. To enter, you go through a suit shop. You simply ask the minder there for the Charleston bar, and they’ll open a secret door through the wall to reveal the hidden bar behind the shop.

Charleston has inventive cocktails, but we were personally bigger fans of their classics.

Pro tip: If you’re a big fan of espresso martinis, they made probably the biggest espresso martinis we’ve ever had.

Plus, if you’re feeling peckish, they had some good bites to eat. We especially loved their arancini.

6. El Ilegal

best bars in antigua guatemala - ilegal
  • Prices: $
  • Location: 7a Avenida Norte #4, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 11AM to 1AM

A great little bar you absolutely have to visit during your time in Antigua Guatemala is El Ilegal, which is where all the cool kids hang out. If you’re looking for something more local, with prices to match, this is it. And unlike a lot of hole-in-the-wall bars you may come across, El Ilegal actually has a super fun atmosphere filled with laughter, good conversations, and even live music.

El Ilegal has Happy Hour literally every day from 11AM to 4PM. If you get there early enough, ideally for a quick drink before dinner, you’ll get house drinks for just 10Q, which is just over 1 USD! Talk about a steal!

7. The Snug

  • Prices: $$
  • Location: 6a Calle Oriente 12, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 8AM to 11PM

Probably one of the more established expat hangout bars in Antigua Guatemala is The Snug. The Snug is an Irish bar that can become super rowdy pretty much any day of the week. But don’t worry if you prefer a calmer atmosphere. You can still get that if you come here early enough.

Our favorite thing about The Snug is the cute rooftop area, where you can see gorgeous views over the town as you sip a nice beer or cocktail. This bar serves pretty great food as well, if you’re looking for dinner and drinks.

For a little something different, head to The Snug on a Tuesday night for some trivia!

8. Las Vibras

best bars in antigua guatemala - las vibras
  • Prices: $$-$$$
  • Location: 5a Avenida Norte, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Wednesday-Friday 5PM to 1AM; Saturday-Sunday 12PM to 1AM

Want to go clubbing in Antigua? Despite Antigua being a small town, there is a popping club smack dab in the middle of it, Las Vibras. Las Vibras hosts some great parties and awesome DJs who know how to get the party going with a variety of music genres.

Since this is the only actual club in Antigua, it can get pretty crowded, but you’ll still be able to find some space to dance your heart out. For a breather, as is common in most Antigua bars, you can head to the rooftop for a smoke and a bite to eat. Las Vibras, surprisingly, has some pretty awesome pizza, which tastes even better with a bit of a buzz. We loved the pizza al pastor!

Keep in mind there may be a cover to enter the club. When we visited this bar, we went with the Antigua Bar Crawl, which got us into the club for free, and we got a free shot. Pretty good deal if you ask us!

9. Reilly’s

  • Prices: $$
  • Location: Entre 5ta y, 6a Calle Poniente 7, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 12PM to 12:45AM

Another popular Irish bar in Antigua Guatemala is Reilly’s. Reilly’s is a pretty spacious bar, but it does fill up quick due to its popularity! If you get in early enough, you might be able to snag the pool table or darts as well! Just ask the bartenders for the tools you need to play, and they’ll be able to sort you out.

Besides playing darts and pool, you can attend a variety of events that the bar hosts, including Ladies’ Night, salsa classes, karaoke, and more!

If you love to dance, you’ll be happy to hear that Reilly’s turns into a dance floor later in the night. The bartenders may even let you dance on the bar!

10. La Taverna

  • Prices: $
  • Location: Edificio la Fuente # 4a Antigua, Poniente 14, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Sunday-Thursday 3PM to 11PM; Friday-Saturday 12PM to 11PM

We loved visiting La Taverna, as it was located in Centro Comerical La Fuente, where there are other bars and restaurants around. The drinks themselves at the bar were super delicious and the prices were reasonable – especially if you make it by Happy Hour, which is every day from 2 to 6PM.

The bar played great music, and they even took requests, which we appreciated. La Taverna also has a dartboard you can play with while having a refreshing pint.

Our favorite thing about this bar is that it’s super close to one of the best pizza places in town, Brooklyn Pizza Co., so we always would grab a pizza to have with our drinks.

11. Tabacos Y Vinos

best bars in antigua guatemala - tabacos y vinos
  • Prices: $
  • Location: 5a Avenida Norte 28B, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 10AM to 11PM

We know we probably sound like a broken record by now, but another one of our favorite bars that we visited multiple times during our month in Antigua Guatemala was Tabacos Y Vinos. This is the place for you if you’re craving a good (and cheap) glass of wine.

The place is small, but you can sit down anywhere you want, including on the communal table. Then, you simply pick a wine you want to try. Tabacos Y Vinos has a selection of mostly Chilean and Argentinian wines that are super easy to drink. If you like red, we recommend the carmenere!

The best part about Tabacos Y Vinos is that most glasses of wine get cheaper by the glass! For example, the first glass of carmenere is 35Q, the second glass 30Q, 3rd glass 25Q, and 4th glass 20Q!

12. Tropicana Hostel Bar

  • Prices: $
  • Location: 6a Calle Poniente 2, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 12PM to 10PM

The best bar to socialize and meet other young travelers is the Tropicana Hostel Bar. If you’re staying at this hostel already, you know that it gets pretty crowded in the evenings! This hostel bar is open 7 days a week, and although they may close earlier than other bars, this is the spot to start the night with their reasonable drink prices and good music.

While partying the night away at the Tropicana hostel bar’s rooftop is a great way to spend your time here, try to come a little earlier to catch the sunset. You get an awesome panoramic view of the town and surrounding volcanoes!

Tropicana is one of the best hostels to stay in Antigua Guatemala if you’re looking to party the night away.

13. Las Palmas

  • Prices: $$
  • Location: 6a Avenida Norte 14, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9AM to 11PM; Saturday-Sunday 8AM to 11PM

A restaurant bar that’s a must-visit for any salsa or bachata lover is Las Palmas. Las Palmas is the salsa bar in town, so if you’ve taken a couple of salsa lessons during your time in Central America, now’s the time to show off some moves! Dance along to the live music at this very traditional bar. If you want a good table, make sure to arrive early (live music starts at around 9PM), as this bar is super popular amongst both locals and tourists.

As a restaurant bar, Las Palmas also serves some great food, so it’s a great place to stop by at the beginning of the night, where you may even catch some dancers on the floor! Plus, if you’re vegetarian, they’ve got some delicious options for you, too.

14. Skal Antigua

  • Prices: $$-$$$
  • Location: 4a Calle Ote. 14a, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 9AM to 12AM

Looking for something a little bit different? Skal is Antigua’s only Danish restaurant bar. Here, you can try a variety of Danish dishes from 12PM to 10PM, but don’t worry; the bar is open till midnight. This bar is also located at La Fuente, which houses Brooklyn Pizza Co. and another one of our favorite bars in Antigua Guatemala, La Taverna.

Besides Viking food, Skal also serves Viking drinks, including bottled mead and super delicious beers! This is definitely not the cheapest bar on our list, but it has a fun atmosphere and concept and great service.

15. Doce

  • Prices: $$
  • Location: Casa #12, 5a Avenida Sur, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala
  • Hours: Everyday 12PM to 1AM

Doce Bar is one of the few bars in Antigua where you can have a drink and dance at the same time. The bar features an extensive menu and events pretty much every day of the week. Some of the events include Ladies Night, karaoke night, 2×1 cocktails, and other awesome deals!

This bar has a welcoming atmosphere and hosts theme parties of all sorts, so every time you visit feels just as exciting as the first time.

As a plus, Doce serves some amazing food, which comes in a pinch when you’re hungry while you’re dancing your heart out! We highly recommend getting a burger here.

Drink Like a Local in Antigua!

From historic settings that transport you to another era to modern hotspots buzzing with energy, each of these best bars in Antigua Guatemala is a must-visit! In these bars, you can share stories with locals, dance to Latin beats, or simply savor a unique cocktail while overlooking the ancient ruins of the town. What more could you want during a night out?

Exploring and getting to know bars and clubs in Antigua Guatemala is just one of the many things to do in this gorgeous town! Check out our full guide on 30+ things to do in Antigua during your time here. And if Antigua is part of your larger Guatemala travels, you should read our ultimate Guatemala itinerary for 7 days, 10 days, and 2 weeks.

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