About Us

Hi! We’re Lev and Mia.

You might wonder how a Texan and a Kiwi met and ended up traveling the world together, and well, the answer is: we met traveling! In fact, we met basically in between our two home countries, in Poland. We met at the fresh young ages of 21 and 24, and we have since tackled COVID-19, moving to new countries, and starting a business together.

And now, we find ourselves fortunate enough to become digital nomads who travel the world. We feel SOOOO incredibly lucky to be able to experience the world and make new memories.

Funnily enough, both of us dreamt of becoming a digital nomad for many years before we were able to realize our dream – even before we met.

the nomad almanac

And here we are, 4 years later, living as full-time digital nomads for the past couple of years.

In the past few years, we have traveled to 18 countries together (not including the already long list of countries we had already visited by ourselves before we met)! 

Of those 18 countries, we have called Indonesia, New Zealand, the USA, Mexico, Poland, Italy, and Guatemala home, and we’ve extensively traveled to a bunch of other destinations we’ve become super familiar with.

While this digital nomad lifestyle is certainly not for everybody…

It’s completely changed our lives for the better, and we couldn’t ask for more. We hope to inspire you on your own digital nomad journey as well!

So, What Is The Nomad Almanac All About?

mia and lev digital nomads

There are plenty of other digital nomad blogs out there nowadays, but what makes us different? Why read our blogs, and why follow our advice and adventures?

An Ethical Digital Nomad Platform

As digital nomads, we hold some responsibility for certain issues going on in the world, and it is important to recognize these issues, act on them, and adapt to them. Here at the Nomad Almanac, we are all about promoting and practicing ethical and sustainable nomad practices. We, as nomads, have the privilege to embark on our worldly adventures and make income as long as we have a wifi connection and our laptop. But we try to always be mindful and aware of the people and the culture around us. 

Digital nomads often roam around the world boasting about their ability to “hack the system” and live in countries with a much lower cost of living than their home country. This attitude is not only disrespectful to the locals in the country they are in, but it harms the image of the digital nomad community as a whole. So, to combat this, we want to promote a nomad community that acknowledges their privilege and lives embedded in their local community while listening to, learning from, and respecting the local point of view. 

Check out our full guide on living life as an ethical digital nomad.

In-Depth Perspectives

Through some trial and error, we’ve discovered that the best way to travel for us is to travel slowly. We’ve tried everything – backpacking, fully immigrating to new countries, and slow travel. Slow travel allows us to get to know the place we are temporarily settling into a whole other level.

And as slow travel digital nomads, or slowmads, we are able to make friends with locals, discover our favorite restaurants, find hidden gems, and really experience a new culture in a way you couldn’t if you were to simply travel through. While, of course, immigrating to a new country is the best way to fully immerse yourself in a new country, we love travel too much to give it up!

At The Nomad Almanac, we want to provide the BEST of the best when it comes to all things travel and digital nomad. We only write content on towns, cities, and countries we are super familiar with and have spent a good amount of time in. That way, YOU get the insider scoop on everything there is to know about these destinations!

Besides travel and digital nomad destinations, we also cover everything you need to know about becoming a digital nomad like us, travel tips, and more!